£ 1 curlers go viral on TikTok as users say they give Dyson Airwrap-like results

If Christmas came and went without a Dyson Airwrap appearing under your tree, it is another way to achieve a similar style of bouncy curls using something you might even have sitting in a closet: velcro rollers.

Only costs £ 1 for a six pack by Wilko here, these retro delicacies are experiencing an unlikely resurgence with the cash-strapped Gen Z generation of TikTok, who can’t afford the big £ 400 price tag of an Airwrap. The app has been inundated in recent months with styling videos showing how the rollers can be specifically placed to deliver equally long-lasting results, but for £ 399 less.

These retro delicacies are experiencing an unlikely resurgence

A pioneer user of “take out my rolls with me” Mia Woodhall, which has gained nearly 800,000 subscribers through its ASMR-style roll removal videos. Her method involves using different sizes of rollers and then applying them in alternating directions so that the hair retains extra volume at the tips and roots when removed.

A pioneer user of
A pioneer user of “Get My Rolls Out With Me” is Mia Woodhall

Another user, Celestial, gained 12,000 likes thanks to a video titled “Girls who get it, get it”. In the short clip, the beautiful brunette takes off her rollerblades in a very 90’s, “Rachel Green from Friends” result.

“When you have to get good with Velcro rollers because you work with a government salary,” she wrote, hashtag Dyson Airwrap in the caption.

Another user, Celeste, gained 12,000 likes thanks to how-to video on rollerblading
Another user, Celeste, gained 12,000 likes thanks to how-to video on rollerblading

Celeste’s method of applying the rollers is similar to Mia’s, except that she explains in a video tutorial that she uses the larger size of rollers on her bottom sections and then uses smaller ones as she goes. raise your head.

The TikToker gives its waves extra strength by wrapping the chosen section of hair around a ceramic brush, then blowing it with hot air from a hair dryer. She then wraps the hair around the roller before the hair has time to cool, pinning it in place with flat pliers (see similar versions for £ 1.25 from Shein here).

While the Dyson Tool is still the ultimate item on every beauty lover’s must-have list, we love to see what amazing styles can be created from as little as a pound!

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