4 Ways to Style Hair at Any Length and Instantly Look Younger

There’s a reason a good hair day can make or break your mood – hair is one of the defining characteristics of your look and can ultimately determine your vibe simply by how it’s styled. While some cuts can help emphasize the angles of your face and bring out your best features, the wrong cut can make you look considerably older than you are, which is never the goal when it’s all about styling your locks. For the most flattering cut and style at any length, we spoke with celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel to get the breakdown of the best looks to try in the new year to look and feel your best.

Ace the middle part

Gen Z has long said the side part is done away with, but they might be right when it comes to a middle part that flatters a better variety of faces. Try a middle part with a shorter cut, ala Kaia Gerber for a low maintenance look that will play on youth and innocence. “The middle part bob with invisible layers is a perfect option if you are looking for something youthful. There are also many ways to style a bob; straight, wavy, tousled, smooth and more,” says Farel. If you’re looking for a cut with the least amount of effort to look chic, this might be your best bet.

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Lots of volume

Volume is the name of the game for injecting youth into your look, and with medium or long hair, adding texture at the roots can help keep your locks from falling flat and pulling on your complexion. . “A voluminous style with medium to long hair will give you a hot and sexy look,” says Farel. “Hair color will always play an important and key role in youthful appearance, as we age we become lighter. A light brown highlight can instantly make you look young. Think Jennifer Aniston, who never walked away volume and rocks highlighted like nobody’s business.

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Curtain highlights and fringes

Rather play with color than make a big cutlet? Farel suggests trying highlights and a soft swept-back to naturally frame your face while adding dimension that can easily enhance your youthful glow. “A beautiful mix of dirty blonde highlights and light brown tones, with a deeper natural base helps keep dimension and contrast, and layered waves and short/long straight bangs could be the perfect youthful look you’ve been looking for. .” he explains. “When considering a new hairstyle, mix your natural texture base with sun-kissed highlights. It will give you an instant ‘youthful kick’.”

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Long and layered with blunt bangs

Although the curtain bang style has grown in popularity over the past year, the look isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you’re hoping for a slightly more dramatic cut, opting for long layers and blunt bangs can have a similar effect stepping back in time. Indeed, the bangs will easily hide forehead wrinkles, quickly masking your age. “An easy way to enhance straight, wavy, or fine hair is to cut long layers with thick, straight bangs at the brow line,” suggests Farel. “Another option for this look would be a layered bob with incredible volume underneath. The haircut and style could suit many face shapes and many ages.