9 hair trends to inspire a new hairstyle in 2022

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Right now, we probably all need something to look forward to. It could be that big trip you’ve had to postpone for the past couple of years, the return of a long-awaited TV show, or, in the case of all beauty enthusiasts, a new hairstyle. Maybe the start of a new year is your annual cue to change the mood with a new cut, or your reason could be that 2021 was just a complete garbage can fire that you want to erase all memories of, hairstyles included. Either way, we get it, which is why we asked several hairstylists for their thoughts on looks we should add to our moodboards for the coming year. Coming up, you’ll see the 2022 hair trends that include retro looks that you’ll really want to revisit, as well as some new hairstyle ideas that feature a mix of hair textures.

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Dramatic braids

“Long, textured ponytails will be huge – long, dramatic braids,” says hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, who styled the manes of Kerry Washington and Renée Elise Goldsberry. “My best tip for creating this look is to tailor it to yourself. Finish the style with the Sébastien Professional Potion 9 for packaging and Sebastian Professional Shaper hairspray to keep all the hair in place at the end. Last but not least, accessorize yourself if you want to turn up the heat!


Choppy layers

Sturdivant-Drew also says that if your hair is on the shorter side, your cut details will be key. “[Keep] the very tapered sides as well as the back, and laid flat during styling but longer on top. It’s a choppy layered look.



The verdict is in: “2022 will be the year of the chop,” says Joseph Maine, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Trademark Beauty. “The grown-up braids of the past two years will be a thing of the past. Women are up for a change and open to cuts that require a little more maintenance. If you’d rather relax in a shorter style, Maine says there isn’t just one short haircut that will prevail over the rest. “Any length from chin to collarbone will be perfect. We’ll see them from sleek and shiny to bouncy and curly styling.


Central parts

Apparently, TikTok was right: the middle parts reign supreme. In the mix of 2022 hair trends, expect to see middle parts on updos. “This look has become a model favorite and people are getting used to these sleek updos,” says Maine. “There’s something a little more laid back and ‘cool girl’ about keeping a middle part, even when your hair is up. There are plenty of tips to help you achieve this look, but cutting your hair into separate sections is where it all starts. Duly noted.


Liquid hair

“Everyone’s looking for that super-shiny straight hair that still has a little bit of movement,” Maine points out. “It can be difficult to straighten your hair while still maintaining a bit of curl and movement. Sometimes the hair becomes dry and loses that liquid movement and reflection. To keep both the shine and the fluidity of this look, he recommends using Easy trademark blo to smooth and detangle in a single gesture. “The oval shape is perfect for helping you achieve that little curvy kiss on your ends.” For the shine factor, work the Trademark Beauty Daily Elixir with Argan Oil in the still damp hair, then a little more after the brushing to obtain the liquid aspect.


The Bixie

As the name suggests, this mashup is a cross between a bob and pixie cut. “The Bixie is more textured than a bob, but not as short as a pixie,” says celebrity hairstylist and UNITE ambassador Graham Nation. “It’s messy and free, with less shape and more texture.”


Zigzag pieces

If you’re a rider or dying by your side, consider spicing it up a bit for the New Year. Celebrity hairstylist Ayano Jinnouchi predicts that the creative parting paired with a simple style will be one of the biggest hair trends of 2022. And if this look gives you déjà vu, it’s because it’s a favorite of the ’90s and early’ 90s. 2000s.


Halfsie pigtails

One thing from 2021 that everyone is okay with carrying over to 2022 are pigtails, and this half up half down look is just too cute. “The trick to this style is to keep your pigtails smooth and tame,” says celebrity hairstylist Hayley heckmann. “I love to use GO365 Lacquer on the medium setting with a toothbrush to tame frizz and flyaways.


curly bangs

“Curly bangs are not going anywhere,” says Clayton hawkins, celebrity hairstylist and stylist ambassador for Tangle Teezer, who also happens to be hands behind some of Olivia Rodrigo’s most notable hairstyles. “This face-framing style is cool, beautiful, and a great way to protect your hair without having to heat it up! For years people thought only girls with straight hair could do bangs, but it couldn’t be. further from the truth! If you’re not ready to commit to a cut, try it on a wig like Lupita did here.

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