Ana de Armas’ platinum hair transformation into Marilyn Monroe for ‘Blonde’ was a ‘massive undertaking’

Ana de Armas has just revealed a first look at her highly anticipated film Blond— and her transformation into Mariyln Monroe is a little weird. But changing her hair from the dark brown to the iconic platinum tone that Marilyn had in the ’60s took very careful planning, a handful of wigs and bald caps, and expert hairline camouflage.

“As you can imagine, it was a colossal undertaking,” hairstylist Jaime Leigh McIntosh says exclusively. Marie Claire. “Not only did we create so many looks for the story arc of the script, but we also had to match several iconic images of Marilyn and Norma Jeane.” Since the film follows Marilyn’s life from childhood to stardom, the team chose 30 different looks, all of which had to be created on a budget.

To do the job, McIntosh teamed up with Rob Pickens of Wig Master Associates. They ended up creating two wigs for de Armas to wear as young Norma Jeane (aka Marilyn Monroe’s real name) and three wigs for her Marilyn era. “We only had two creamy blondes of different lengths and one platinum. We all know how many different styles, shades of blonde and lengths Marilyn had throughout her life, so this turned out to be incredibly difficult,” McIntosh explained. But with careful adjustments and fine mohair detailing around the hairline, the duo were able to make near-perfect matches on every level.

Prepared like the power, Armas’ transformation into Marilyn still had to be done in record time – two hours to be exact. “I’d prep Ana’s hair under a flesh-colored wig cap, then Tina [Roesler Kerwin], the makeup artist, was applying custom-made pieces of flesh-colored silicone to cover Ana’s hairline in the front so her hairline wasn’t visible,” McIntosh says. “Then I added cut-out pieces of bald cap across the top to help blend it in and make sure you saw the skin, not the cap or Ana’s own hair, where Marilyn’s wigs ended up. separated.”

When it comes to the styling products used on set, McIntosh took a less is more approach. “Any time you use too much product in a wig, the life and movement stops and it becomes dull, so I avoid using too much of anything,” she explains. She did, however, use L’Oreal Tecni Pli Setting Lotion to set the wigs in the rollers, as well as TRESemme Tres Two Unscented Hairspray and Rene Furterer Shine Mist for extra shine. As for hair care? “I would alternate conditioning treatments [under her wig] with Leonor Greyl’s Orchid Mask and No.3 Olaplaex Hair Perfector,” says McIntosh.

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