Best curlers 2021: For thin, long or thick hair

Curlers come in handy for creating voluminous looks at home. Whatever style you hope to achieve, they are no longer exclusive to salons and are now a common styling tool to use around the home.

Whether you’re looking to recreate a salon blow-dry or add curls where there aren’t any, there are plenty to choose from on the market, from traditional velcro rollers to heated sets. Most no longer need to be worn overnight, all styles we’ve tried are designed to be worn for a few hours or even minutes.

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When choosing your rolls, size matters. The smaller they are, the tighter the curl, while the larger barrels will create a voluminous wave.

By putting them to the test over weeks of use, we found the seven best sets. During the examination, we looked at how quickly they warmed up; how easy they were to set up, alone and assisted; how painless it was to remove them; if we liked the effect obtained; and how long the resulting waves and curls lasted.

In our selection, you will find everything from economical sets to luxurious and high-end tools. All of them will leave a finish that lasts.

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Heated rollers Remington proluxe

We loved the number of rollers that came with this compact set – 20 in total – which means there’s more than enough for long, thick hair. It takes about five minutes to heat up the rollers and although there is no indicator for when they are ready, you can feel the heat emitted by the media.

There is a wide range of roller sizes that allow for a big, bouncy, and curly one – just put them through your hair and pull them out once they are cool, which we found to be around 15 minutes. By removing them, they do not leave frizz. There is a clean, smooth curl that is voluminous with no wicks getting stuck on the roll. Just be sure to use hairspray to make sure they last.

The included clips keep them super secure and they’re incredibly light, making them comfortable for cooking dinner or putting on makeup while you wait for them to cool down. Fast, easy, and delivering impressive results even on the thinnest hair types, it’s an affordable option that has won us over.

T3 luxury volumizing heated rollers

This heated set of eight rollers comes in a zippered bag with eight clips to hold the rollers in place without leaving any knots in your hair. Simply plug in the set, press the power button, wait for the ready-to-use indicator on top of each roller, and apply to hair.

The barrels are covered with a velor material that easily adheres to the hair but doesn’t leave it frizzy when removed, while each end is cool to the touch so you don’t burn your fingers. They take a bit of practice, but after two runs we got the hang of it, and after being left in it for 20 minutes, they gave us some voluminous, bouncy waves that made us feel a lot more glamorous during the lockdown. They are undoubtedly expensive, but no more than a pair of premium hair straighteners or curling irons, and are a long-lasting investment if maintained and used regularly.

Cloud Nine the o pod heated roller set

This set comes with a large barrel, a set of tongs and rollers from 2cm to 2cm and works best on medium to long hair. Simply fire up the barrel, insert a roller, and five seconds later, it’s heated up and ready to go. There is a handy indicator that lights up red when they’re ready, and once they’re in the hair dry, they keep heating up. Remove once all the rollers have turned from red to black.

We were initially skeptical – it seems like a tedious way to use a reel set – but found them to be faster than any other game we’ve tried. For thin, medium length hair, it took 15 minutes, making it a super-fast way to get voluminous, loose waves that last all day. Our only gripe was that it could do with more rollers included, as you run out of them when using them on a lot of hair.

Soft Pink Superdrug Rolls

Inexpensive and cheerful, this set of 10 are all the same thickness so offers an even set of curls, and can add nice definition to already curly hair that is looking for a boost. Depending on how much hair you wrap around each one, you can go for loose curls, tight curls, or a natural looking wave.

It’s best applied to dry hair and then blow-dried over medium heat to ensure a longer hold, and they’re so soft they won’t cling to strands or give you the frizzy or static air. You can also use them on wet hair, which can make it easier to separate the strands into even sections. They are also almost weightless and do not slip.

BaByliss thermo-ceramic curlers

BaByliss is known for its inexpensive heated styling tools, and this 20-roller set is definitely a value buy. The rollers come with 10 clips and 20 pins to keep them secure, however, we have found that the pins tend to slide, so it’s best to use the clips whenever possible. There are eight large, six medium, and six small rollers, giving you plenty of options for curl size, with more rollers included than in the more expensive heated sets we’ve tried.

There are two heat settings, but if your hair tends to be thin or has trouble holding a curl, the warmer option is the better. It takes about 10 minutes to heat up all the rollers, but the indicator light is not very visible, so you have to guess a bit. The rollers have plastic ridges that the pins can go into and they don’t leave your hair frizzy during the removal process. The first time we tried this set we found that the rollers grabbed our hair, requiring a long detangling process – but on a more careful application the second time around, the process was much smoother.

Denman thermoceramic rollers

This set of five velcro is ideal for fast waves. Unless you have very thin and short hair, chances are you will need more than one bundle to fill an entire head, however, the hair easily snaps into it without the need for clips, and it does. do not fall off at all. There is slight frizz when you first take it off because of the velcro that hooks the hair, but it’s not painful and it’s nothing a little straightening cream can’t fix.

If you’re new to rollers and have medium-length hair, this is an easy, hassle-free way to get started.

Pinkiou Foam Curler Rods

This is a complete set of 42 rods of varying thicknesses that are suitable for all hair lengths. If you have thin hair, we recommend that you use it when the hair is dry, otherwise it can leave a very soft wave instead of a curl even after hours of laying.

They’re easy to put in your hair on your own, thanks to their great length, and they’re super light, so even if you use the 42s they won’t weigh you down or get in the way of moving around the house. You can also speed up the process by blowing them with the hot air from your hair dryer and for best results we suggest leaving them on for at least two hours.

The verdict: curlers

If you want to invest in a set that will be used regularly and give you a salon-worthy job, then the Remington proluxe heated curlers are efficient and easy to use, requiring less than half an hour of use for good results. . Quick to heat, foolproof to apply, and secure when wrapped in hair, they leave a voluminous, freshly blow-dried look in minutes.

For a budget to experiment with, try the Pink Superdrug Collapsible Rollers which are lightweight and leave no frizz.

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