Brooklyn hair salon faces labor and supply chain issues amid Omicron wave

The season of shortages continues as the supply chain crisis affects a local hair salon with problems of delays, inflation and labor shortages.

Michaella Blissett Williams has worked in the beauty industry for 30 years, growing her empire and opening salon 718 in Brooklyn.

Salons have already faced challenges related to the pandemic, but are now facing another setback due to the supply chain crisis.

Williams says the price of her professional hair dyes has gone up more than 15% and her products are taking more than a week to arrive.

“Our turnaround time has definitely been extended, you can’t promise certain services the same day, just because we don’t know if we’re going to deliver the products on time,” Williams said.

The owner says that to work around the problems, she buys products in bulk and tries to find the items at local hair shops.

Amid supply chain issues, she says the recent spike in Omicron cases is causing a labor shortage.

“There was a time when I was getting two or three phone calls a day even though they weren’t positive, but they were exposed,” Williams said.

She is now giving her staff Monday off to get tested and boosted so she can make the necessary schedule changes for any positive COVID-19 cases.

As she continues to overcome the obstacles caused by the pandemic, she says she hopes things will get better.