Charisma, confidence, platinum hair: here’s what it takes to be a model at 50 and over

Models with previous experience have an advantage, but beginners are welcome, as PAM offers training. You don’t have to have platinum hair either, although Andre-Besse said that’s a bonus.

“Since gray hair is inevitable with age, it’s ideal if the models show their true selves. We want people to show us who they really are. We don’t need you to go on diets or plastic surgery We are interested in you.

As industries recognize the impact of an aging population and the power of this market segment, the demand for older models and talent has changed significantly. “The fashion industry has opened the catwalks to older models but there is still a lot of progress to be made in terms of diversity and inclusion,” explained André-Besse. And PAM wants to play a role in promoting this agenda.

“What we try to do is get models and clients to understand that there are wonderful projects to work on together,” she said. “We also want to show that people over 50 can be of service to the community, be more financially independent, stay healthier and have another adventure in life.”

She observed that there were no agencies specializing in older models in the Asia-Pacific region, and although a few offered senior models, her agency only had more than 50 talents, because the segment requires special care and attention.