Corn and squash included in USDA Director of Tribal Relations focus on indigenous foods


Heather Dawn Thompson – the new director of the Biden administration in the Office of Tribal Relations at the US Department of Agriculture – wants to reinvigorate the focus on indigenous foods in USDA programs and policies.

This includes looking at everything from food and nutrition services to growing practices.

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A good place for Thompson to focus his office’s efforts is the Indian Reserve Food Distribution Program, which provides food assistance to income-eligible households living on Indian reserves as well as to Native American households residing in approved areas near. on reservations or in Oklahoma.

Many households participate in FDPIR as an alternative to the supplemental nutritional assistance program because they do not have easy access to SNAP offices or authorized food stores, according to the USDA.

About 276 tribes receive FDPIR benefits.

What is the fee?

Unfortunately, the FDPIR list of approved foods lack of fresh fruits and vegetables – while canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, juices, etc. are all on the list.

FDPIR participants deserve fresh fruit and vegetable options as part of the plan, in accordance with a diet based on their traditional indigenous foods.


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