Danielle Fishel’s Hair Inspired ‘Boy Meets World’ Episode 1

Almost 30 years later boy meets the world ended, fans are still streaming the show for a nostalgic feeling or when sharing the fun TV series with the next generation. Cory and Shawn may have been the focus of the show. But it was Cory’s true love, Topanga Lawrence, who stole the show in many fans’ opinion. Danielle Fishel played the quirky, no-frills character that fans (and Cory) fell in love with. She also inspired the hairstyle choices of many teenage girls in the 90s. Since Topanga’s hair was a big focus for fans, Fishel’s desire to change her hair while starring on the show inspired one. . boy meets the world episode.

Danielle Fishel Was The Face Of This ‘Boy Meets World’ Character

(LR) Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Ben Savage in the “Boy Meets World” episode “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow” | ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

While we’ve all come to know and love Danielle Fishel as Topanga on The boys meet the world, she wasn’t supposed to be a star. The producers planned for Topanga to have a one-off appearance during the series. But she quickly rose to stardom and scored a recurring role on the show during the first season. In the second season, Fishel had a starring role in boy meets the world. She portrayed the character for the entire seven-season run of The boy meets the world.

Following Cory and Topanga’s love story only added to the daily events the teenage friends encountered from college to college. Both have ups and downs but always come together. They even got engaged when they graduated from high school. Despite their struggles, the future couple marry and continue their lives happily together in the spin-off series A girl meets the world.

The Story Behind Topanga’s Haircut Episode

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In a boy meets the world throw the meeting on hello america, Fishel reveals the story behind the famous episode where Topanga cut her hair. It turns out that Fishel inspired the episode, as she had “never cut her hair since she was about three years old.”

“I was sick of having super long hair and really wanted to cut it off on our break,” she explained. Fishel discussed her plans with superiors, who begged her not to cut the antenna. Instead, they wrote it into an episode.

The iconic moment Topanga cuts her hair comes in the second episode of boy meets the world Season 2, aptly titled “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow”. As was often done at the time, the event teaches the characters a valuable lesson.

Fishel’s Recent Haircare Efforts

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Unfortunately, her starring role on the beloved ’90s sitcom didn’t do much for Fishel’s acting career. She appeared in a few films in addition to a handful of television appearances and voice-over roles. His greatest fame outside of the franchise is his satirical talk show, The dish. But from 2013 to 2017, Fishel reprized her signature role as Topanga in A girl meets the world.

Beyond his acting, Fishel continues to enrich his portfolio of activities by launching his own line of hair care. The star’s Be Free vegan hair care products are popular with boy meets the world Fans. After all, as the show proved, everyone wants Topanga’s hair.

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