Everything you want to know about keratin treatment for your hair

Hair has always been a subject of envy and admiration across the world. Having beautiful hair is a godsend for the lucky few. While the rest of us struggle with our hair every day, the chosen few roam the earth unaffected, waving our perfect hair and making us jealous with jealousy. With that said, it’s high time we did something about our adorable bird’s nest – our hair. For once, let’s ditch the home remedies and rely on science. Along with amazing developments in the beauty industry came another revolutionary procedure for the hair, the keratin treatment. With a great number of successes and a huge clientele, this treatment has certainly built up a loyal following. Would you like to try this too? Read on to find out why and how it can transform your hair into the silky waterfall you’ve always dreamed of.

What is keratin

Keratin is the main protein naturally present in our hair. Not only does hair contain keratin, it is also mostly composed of proteins associated with keratin. It acts as an internal structural protein and external protective to protect your hair and keep it healthy. Due to exposure to external factors like the sun, pollution or chemicals, or changes in your lifestyle, the keratin in the hair becomes depleted. This loss is what leads to dry, damaged and dull hair.

What is keratin treatment used for? During keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to the hair to make it smooth, shiny and frizz-free, making it very popular with both women and men. Such treatments fill in the porous spots in your hair that have materialized due to the loss of keratin. This overly porous hair causes frizz, tangles and breakage. Essentially, a keratin treatment involves rebuilding the hair by putting the lost protein back into your strands.

What to expect from a keratin treatment?

This treatment gives smooth and silky hair which gradually fades after a few months. Keratin treatment is different from the straightening / re-bonding process. Your hair will neither be completely flattened, devoid of any volume, nor will your roots grow into curls and your ends to be smooth. The keratin ingredient is basically like a super strong deep conditioner.

The results of treatment also vary from person to person. Essentially, it is about rebuilding the parts of the hair that have been damaged. Shiny, less frizzy and manageable hair are benefits you can expect after the treatment. A person with extremely curly hair might end up with less curly and slightly straight curls. In contrast, a person with wavy hair would end up with straight, polished hair. The effects of the treatment will be different for everyone, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the straight hair you’ve been looking for. Keratin treatment is more about manageable, sleek, fuss-free hair with a salon-quality blow-dry look and less about smooth, unnatural-looking hair.


Before you go to the salon, check if a keratin treatment is right for your hair. Just because your best friend liked it doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for you, too. Hair with curly or frizzy textures is best suited for keratin treatment, according to top hairdressers. On the other hand, thin and moderately straight hair should completely avoid the treatment.

Another important point before undergoing the treatment is to consult your hairdresser. It is a good idea to choose a trusted and experienced hairstylist for your hair. A consultation with the stylist would ensure you get the best formula for your hair. This is essential because not every keratin treatment is created the same. Also, it would be helpful to read the treatment first, as this will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect. Remember to inquire about the price as it varies depending on the length of the hair.

The procedure

Pick a day when you are free and have enough time, as it is a long treatment. The treatment lasts about three hours and consists of the following steps.

Hair washing (shampoo but not conditioner)

Brushing to remove all moisture

Application of keratin solution

The hair is left to define

Another brushing cycle

Followed by a flat iron to help seal the solution


The end result would be smooth, shiny, and manageable hair that will last for at least three months with a proper hair care regimen. Although this treatment has no proven side effects, its use of formaldehyde has gone under the scanner. The chemical has been used in the manufacture of various household products and is certainly not considered too safe. Due to this, slight irritation or infection may be caused to the skin and eyes. Therefore, it is extremely important that the procedure is performed by a qualified hairdresser.

After treatment

After the treatment, it is recommended to invest in a good dry shampoo as it is forbidden to wash the hair or tie it with a rubber band for at least 48 hours. Although your hair will become easier to comb after the treatment, there will be no significant change in your hair care regimen. You will always have to put extra effort into taking care of your hair. Stylists generally recommend a sulfate-free formula for your shampoo. This would ensure longevity as the shampoo will not thwart the treatment. Consult with your hairdresser about maintenance products to keep your hair silky and smooth for longer.

Is it different from smoothing / re-gluing?

In keratin treatment, the structure of the hair is not chemically changed, but the hair is made shiny and manageable. And, when it comes to straightening and re-sticking, the treatment changes the composition of the hair and makes the hair smoother. The result also varies as the keratin ritual gives you a natural look compared to reattaching.

How much does keratin treatment cost?

The cost of this hair treatment depends on the length, texture and thickness of the hair. It also varies depending on the brand and product that will be used for the treatment in different salons. However, the usual cost for this ritual is 6,000 INR and above. Ideally, it is less for short hair and the price range increases for longer hair.