Guloor Introduces Mono Hair Styling System for Creating Hair Toupees

Guloor introduces a mono styling system in the manufacture of its products. This system makes their products more realistic and comfortable to wear.

Guloor, a hair hairpiece company in Qingdao, China introduces mono hair system or mono filament hair system. Using this system, the company adds a one inch poly skin base to the back and sides of the wig. The director of the toupee company explained, “We use a mono-hair system in our products to produce a natural and long-lasting wig. This system also allows for better air circulation around the head and hair. We expect users to feel cool and comfortable when wearing these wigs, even in hot weather.

The mono hair system not only makes the hair toupees natural and durable, but also easy to clean. Users can wash it with shampoo and treat it with conditioner or essential oil. The director of the toupee company added, “Wearing a wig can be complicated and time-consuming, especially for new users. The mono hair system solves this problem because it makes the wig easy to install. Users only need to use tape and glue to install their wigs. The company uses this hair replacement system because it adapts to human hair. As a result, users will only get a wig with 100% human hair. It allows the team to produce a variety of products, including ½ thin French lace hairpieces with ½ front, mono thins with thin skin perimeter base, mono thins with PU perimeter, and many more. ‘others.

The company manager explained, “Mono hair is not just the system we use to produce wigs. We also create hair products with lace hair and skin hair systems. Our goal in introducing a mono hair system is to give a more breathable and easier to fit option for first-time users or anyone looking for a more comfortable wig. The mono hair system seems to be a revolutionary option for wig users. It gives a natural look, just like a toupee made from fine hair, but this product is a more breathable option. This system uses a mesh structure that looks like ventilation to prevent sweat from remaining under the wig. Other people will find it difficult for a person to use a wig because of the natural hairline and texture.

The director of this company described: “As toupee warehouse, we try to satisfy our customers. That’s why our team is also ready to customize the wig according to customers’ request. For example, they can customize the shade of the color according to their needs. »

About Guloor:

Guloor has been operating for over 20 years to produce a variety of hair products. Hair toupee for men and women is one of their products. This company also uses advanced technologies, such as mono-hair systems, to produce high-quality toupees.

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