Hair Tinsel is Tiktok’s latest beauty trend

Although the future is well advanced, many of us still party like it’s 2000 – the latest trend in 2000 to make a comeback is the hair garland.

If you weren’t the only one using the shimmering pom poms on the end of your Barbie bike’s handles as a hair accessory, you’re in luck. Celebrities from Katy Perry to country singer Kacey Musgraves sport sparkly locks, also known as fairy hair. Hair tinsel videos have garnered over 85 million views on TikTok, so it’s safe to say the trend will be a spring beauty staple.

In an interview with Seduce, hairdresser from New Orleans Ashley Armor shares two distinct techniques on how to rock the aesthetic. “One is where I tie a single strand of garland to a single strand of hair and another is with a micro bead extension, which is 20 strands of garland in a bead. Both are so easy to maintain. I generally warn people, especially with the single strand, that it will fall out with your natural hair strand – so some of it will fall out in the first week and some will last up to six months or more.

A word of warning – trying the Euphoria– trendy inspired, be sure to part the garlands when using heated tools to style your hair.

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