Hairstylist Joseph Maine demos Shag Cut on wavy and curly hair – See the video

Shag Haircuts took the world by storm in 2021, and their dominance has continued throughout 2022. The trendy haircut is loved for the way it frames the face, its voluminous layers and its edginess. It was so popular that many TikTok users once tried to get the cut by cutting the ends of their upside-down ponytails. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that for the second video of the Seduce Skinfluencer series, hairstylist Joseph Maine shows how to cut curls into a shaggy bob.

Maine begins the video by explaining that he chose to do this haircut on the model because 2022 is “the year of short and bob haircuts.” And he’s certainly not wrong: between the different types of bobs — including the French bob, which Maine did a tutorial on mixies, and bixies — short haircuts have been this This year. So we are excited to see what happens when you combine these two popular haircuts.

He begins the video by sectioning off the shortest strands of hair in the front and uses that as a guide to cut the rest of his curls. Next, he begins to shape and cut the hair around his face, which he says is the first step in any shag cut. After that, he pulls the hair from the back of his head forward and cuts it to shorten the cut.

When he’s finished, his model’s hair, which was once chest-length, barely touches his shoulders. He wets his curls and starts spraying Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair (Maine is the brand’s artistic director) to define them. Next, he uses the Trademark Beauty Speedy Blo hair dryer with the diffuser attachment to dry his curls.

Color Wow dream coat for curly hair

Trademark Beauty Speedy Blo pink hair dryer with four attachments on white background

Trademark Beauty Speedy Blo Hair Dryer

He then sprays Color Wow’s Raise the Roots Thickening and Lifting Spray on her roots to add more volume to the hairstyle. Finally, he applies Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment to his hands and runs them through his short curls for extra shine. The end result is a curly, shoulder-grazing shag bob with bangs that put all other shag cuts to shame.

wow color closed tube lift root thicken and lift spray on white background

Color Wow Raise the Root Thickening and Lifting Spray

Garnier moroccan elegant and elegant oil treatment on white background

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Smooth Oil Treatment

Watch the full video below.

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