How often should you wash your hair? Expert shares top tips for shiny hair

How often should you wash your hair?

Our grandmother often told us that washing our hair once a week or once every two weeks was more than enough. We might have taken the advice when we were younger, but let’s do what we want today. Whether it’s the shampoo we use, chemical masks, ammonia-filled hair dye, or harsh thermal tools, there are plenty of problems we put into our manes in order to look good. But we don’t know it’s the little things that make our hair shine.

But other than all that, one thing we haven’t gotten a definite answer on yet is how many times you need to wash your hair in a week? Can you wash it every other day if you live in wet weather, or can we skip it (despite the irritable itchiness) for a week? We spoke to an expert who then shared her take on the same myths and shattered popular hair care myths as well.

We spoke to Dr Aishwarya from Clinique Dermatech who then shared some key points that anyone who wants a shiny mane should note.

“Myth number one is washing your hair frequently – This is a most common myth that people believe, but we shouldn’t wash our hair frequently as it removes the natural oil from the hair, making it frizzy. and dry. Washing twice a week is good, “she adds.

Other points to note:

  1. Myth number two, conditioner is not important after every wash – In fact, you should condition your hair after every wash because it makes hair less frizzy and well nourished.
  2. Stress makes your hair dry – no stress at all can make your hair gray, genetics are responsible for it. Going gray is something you inherit from your parents or grandparents
  3. Ponytails and braids can be done for your hair on a daily basis – absolutely not, they tend to put tension on the roots of your hair, thus stretching your hair out of the hair follicle and subjecting it to a lot of stress, so it is advised to leave your hair from time to time free
  4. Last and most important myth which is “very very very” common – frequent cuts make your hair grow faster – a big no, they don’t make your hair grow faster, hair only grows a quarter of an inch per month regardless of ethnicity or texture or maybe less.

Hope everyone has a great hair day!