How to keep the 4C and curly hair healthy?

Top-notch African American stylists know that it pays to be well versed in all textures when it comes to styling your hair. In celebration of Black History Month (February 1 – March 1), Haircuttery Field leader and Educator star mason shared with HELLO ! United States if there is a secret to maintaining healthy 4C and curly hair.

Shamelessly one of the best hairstylists, Mason – based out of the DMV area and has over 30 years of experience – is a curly girl with type 4 hair who knows how to work with one of the most popular hair types. most misunderstood but the most beautiful.


If you have 4C hair or are a hairstylist trying to learn, the tips below are the perfect expert insight into all things hair and beyond!

How to work and understand the 4C and curly hair, according to hairstylist Starr Mason

  • Depending on density (thicker hair uses smaller sections), work into small areas, apply leave-in conditioner after combing each section with a wide-toothed comb. Do a two-strand twist on each section to help keep hair manageable and curl control until you’re ready to create the finished style.
  • We must handle 4C with care. He seems to be able to take anything, but he can’t. Your styling options are limitless! It’s about being creative and committing to keeping your hair hydrated, allowing you to create any style you want.
  • Please note that shrinkage is real. 4C hair is much longer than it looks. You can create a two strand twist, flat twist, rod set, shampoo & go (wash & go), stretch blow-dry, slick and curly blow-dry, just to name a few.

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