How to take care of your hair after sticking it back together

Straightening is the process of making wavy/curly hair smooth using a chemical treatment. These days, many people choose to put their hair back together to achieve a silky smooth look without much effort. It gives a neat look and is very easy to manage – true wash & go style!

Rebonded hair requires a specific post-treatment care routine to stay healthy.

Here are some at-home hair care tips to take care of your treatment after hair re-bonding:

1. Do not wash hair for 3 days — yes, it is important to avoid washing or even getting your hair wet for about 3 days after a reattachment treatment. After that, you should have your hair washed at a salon by a professional for best results.

2. Do not tie hair tightly – avoid using bands and clips to tie up your hair for at least 3-4 days after a reattachment treatment. Try to keep your hair open and brush it gently.

3. Special washing and conditioning – once you start washing your hair at home, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner intended only for chemically treated hair. Normal shampoo without proper conditioning will make your hair excessively dry.

4. Avoid frequent hot styling – Now that your hair is chemically straightened, try to avoid frequent use of hot stylers. This will prevent dryness and damage for sure.

5. Cut hair on time – chemical styling treatments make the hair dry and slightly rough at the ends, trimming is essential to keep the ends of the hair in shape and avoid splitting.

6. Postpone your chemical styling treatments – do not take color right after regluing, leaving them a few weeks apart is good to avoid damage.

7. “No” to hot water – do not use hot water at all after Rebonding, it will make the hair dry, rough and unmanageable. The best is to use cold to cold water for washing.

8. Salon wash – Once a month, having a hair wash and spa treatment in the salon is very good for keeping the hair and scalp healthy.

9. Keep your scalp clean – don’t let dandruff bother you after re-sticking, use fresh aloevera gel on your scalp for 5 min before washing it off once a week.

ten. Use a serum – use hair serum (leave-in conditioner) on hair before brushing each time to avoid tangles and breakage.

Regluing only gives you good results if you take good care of it. Remember to follow the advice above if you are planning a rebonding treatment.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.