How to use curlers for every hair type including short hair

Straight hair

“Start by coarse drying with a styling product such as Oribe Maximista Spray with medium sized tweezers in medium sized sections. Then add a roll to each section as you go. Let it cool completely before removing the rollers. Use a wide tooth comb for a more natural result.

Thin hair

“The technique of fine hair is similar to that of straight hair. Add a good mousse to prep the hair and make sure to dry the product well into the hair. You want to create a grain / texture for the rollers to hold – I would recommend Kerasilk Bodifying Mousse. It adds courage to the hair and holds the style well.

Textured hair

“It’s important that you start with a smooth foundation. Using straightening creams will make it easier to achieve a more polished result – I like the Oribe Curl Gelee. Finish each section with a heat tool before adding the rollers to let it set. Then use a small amount of serum and a wide comb to part the hair and bring out the curls.

Wavy hair

Heated rollers are the best option for wavy or naturally curly hair because they can straighten and shape at the same time. A smoothing cream will also be your best friend. Then use a ventilated brush to bring the curls together.

Short hair

“Place velcro rollers across the top and crown of the head for maximum lift. Then use a volumizing spray on the root areas to achieve the facelift. Smaller rollers are best with short hair to get more definition on the curls.