how to wear the hair trend of 2022

When it comes to hair trends for 2022, experts agree that bobs are back in fashion for the coming year.

Balmain Hair Couture artist and educator Maggie Semaan shares her top cutting, styling and maintenance tips for the gorgeous yet daring bob, which she describes as a “timeless classic that will always be on-trend and old-fashioned. , and that’s a big deal right now. “

What is a bob haircut?

“A bob is a straight haircut that is one length, so it doesn’t have layers,” says Semaan. “The original bob is a bit shorter, while the new bob is called the lob, or long bob. It’s the length of the collarbone.

“The bob itself doesn’t need to have bangs; these are more according to personal taste. You could also have the front a little longer than the back, but never the other way around.

How do I make a bob work for me?

The good news is that a bob can be tailored to suit any skin tone. However, when it comes to face shapes, the expertise of a hairdresser is crucial, because, according to Semaan, “you have to look at the client’s body shape and adapt the bob accordingly.”

This is where bangs (or bangs for Americans), for example, can come into play. “For someone with a longer face, we could make a bob shorter so as not to elongate the face further.” and some bangs along the forehead to shorten the face a bit.

“For someone with a rounder face and bigger on the sides, we can make a smoother and a little longer bob, in order to lengthen the face. We can also add volume depending on where a person part their hair.

Pairing a center parting with a really straight haircut can make the face look a bit harder. For those who have bolder features with a defined jawline, Semaan recommends placing the parting on the side rather than in the center. “It can help soften the features and this bob can also be styled so that it curls up a bit,” she says.

The biggest point to remember here is, from length to styling, making sure that the hair technician you’re seeing is able to tailor a bob to your face shape.

Home maintenance tips

“You need a lot of confidence to pull off a bob, as well as the willingness to style it at home,” says Semaan. “When you leave the salon your hair is obviously fabulous, but what happens when you wash it at home? So always consider your lifestyle, style preferences and skills on a day-to-day basis.

She cites the example of someone who might not be a blow dryer fan getting bangs for the first time, which is not a good combination. Likewise for the bob, “it is important that the hair technician gives the right styling advice, from washing the hair to the right shampoo and styling product depending on the texture of each individual’s hair, the requirement for more or less. volume, etc.

“While I think it’s always good to blow dry wet hair, it’s especially important if you’re going for a nice bob and want it to stand out and show good. It’s a really pretty haircut, but it’s all down to its precision, and that’s what needs to be maintained.

“A flat iron is also handy for straightening it, and it’s an easy tool to use around the house. “

Make the bob grow

As anyone who’s ever had bangs will attest, growing them out is awkward during the dreaded middle phase. Semaan says the same goes for the classic bob. “There’s always that in-between period that can drive you a little crazy because when the hair hits the shoulder it will start to roll over and look a little out of control. You just need to be a little patient and let it grow past the shoulder.

“That’s why the lob is in fashion this year,” she repeats. “It’s the bob, but in a longer version that lets you try something new while avoiding that in-between period of growing it.”

“A lob is also a great option for someone with longer hair who wants to do something drastic without being too short – and it usually grows in two months.”

Brushing a bob is essential because the beauty of this style lies in its precise cut.

Know the rules …

“When considering a bob, make sure it looks like the hair you normally have or the style you are ready and able to do on a daily basis,” says Semaan. “For example, if you have naturally curly hair and take a photo of a straight bob to your hairdresser, know that when you come home and wash your hair, it won’t look anything like the photo. “

… so that you can break them

“While the classic bob is traditionally a straight haircut, a trendy styling technique is beach waves, which are a very messy, relaxed and natural look,” says Semaan. “It takes a while to figure out how to do this at home, but once you do, it’s super easy and it looks awesome. “

Updated: January 10, 2022, 08:38 AM