I asked my stylist not to bleach my hair but he did it anyway it cost me £1000 to fix but everyone says the same

A WOMAN explained that her hair broke badly after she told her hairdresser not to use bleach, they used it anyway.

TikToker Jas, told his 155,000 followers how his hair went from bad to worse because of a sleazy hairstylist.


TikToker Jas spoke to fans about his terrible hairstyle experienceCredit: TikTok/@jxx
But subscribers were more worried she had spent £1,000 on her blue


But subscribers were more worried she had spent £1,000 on her blueCredit: TikTok/@jxx

But fans seemed more interested in her lavish lifestyle and the amount she spent on wigs to cover up the mistake, than the situation itself.

She said: “About seven months ago I went to the hairdresser and said, ‘My hair is screwed up. My hair is so damaged, I just want a toner. I don’t want bleach and just insert the extensions.’

“He was like, ‘No, your roots need to be bleached.’

“I’m like, ‘I don’t want bleach.’ He says, ‘No, it’s fine, your roots are not damaged.’

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“So I’m like, ‘Okay, whatever, it’ll be fine.’

“He’s bleaching my roots, I come to the sink, my eyes are burning and he’s bleached all of my hair. I’m like, ‘For the love fuck, whatever.’

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“Two hours later, pretty much all of my hair is melting and you know when it’s when you’re in the salon and it’s only going to get worse when you get home.

“He puts the extensions, there is a lot of breakage.”

A month after the incident, the TikToker was prescribed Accutane, prescribed to treat severe acne, but it was reported that a side effect of the treatment could be hair loss.

She said: “All my hair started breaking. I took my extensions out and I was like, ‘I’m going to wear wigs for six or seven months and I’ll be fine.

“So I start wearing wigs, then I go to Thailand for a four-month vacation and I start not wearing wigs because it’s too hot here.”

Jas also complained that when she wore the wigs, they often ended up getting damaged.

She said: “And all my wigs are ruined. So I spent a thousand dollars on this wig three months ago and now after being in Thailand on the back of a bike, it’s fucking, it’s crispy, it’s stiff, whatever.”

But fans were more interested in her financial choices than her hair issues.

One person said, “Four months vacation. Girl, you can afford a new face.”

Another said: ‘All I heard was a four month vacation.

While a third said, “How do you get four months vacation?!”

Someone else said: ‘People are so mad at the comments and honestly for a rich girl she seems very cold.’

To which she replied, “I’ve never been called a rich girl before hahahahaha! Thanks anyway.”

One person said, “There’s no way you spent that much on that wig!”

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While another said: ‘No sincere hate but honestly curious why you would spend £1000 on a wig is that just a preference?