I tried the 90s hair curler trend for voluminous waves

  • The beauty trends of the 90s have seen a huge resurgence in recent months.
  • According to acclaimed hairstylist and Tangle Teezer stylist ambassador Clayton Hawkins, giant ’90s-inspired sets of hair rollers will be everywhere in 2022.
  • One editor has tested the trend ahead, so keep reading to see their tutorial and results.

Just when I finally started to feel like I had mastered the art of the perfect messy beach wave, the gentle, bouncy blowouts set a big comeback. I couldn’t scroll social media without seeing a hair tutorial promising 90s model hair, and I have to admit the look grows on me. The one tool everyone seems to have started using to help them achieve this iconic style? Roller skates. Hair curlers of all types have officially made a resurgence, and hairstylists are looking at the trend for 2022.

According to celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer stylist ambassador Clayton Hawkins (the mastermind behind some of Olivia Rodrigo’s most iconic looks), the theme with the rollers will be: Bigger, Better. “The 90s giant reel games are going to be everywhere by early 2022,” he said. “[They are] a nod to the past – think Cindy Crawford and Fran Drescher – but with a modern twist. This style is classic, fun, and a huge departure from those messy, zoom-era buns. “

Honestly, any mention of Fran Drescher (my style icon) is enough to get me to try anything. I already had this set of Amazon Jumbo Hair Rollers ($ 15) at home, so I decided to give my hair the ’90s mannequin treatment ASAP.

I have fine hair which is also thinner, so I like blow drying to give my hair more volume. To test this’ 90s style, I started by washing my hair and letting it air dry for about 20 minutes. To prep my hair before blow-drying, I used my favorite Unite leave-in conditioner, along with a heat protectant and hair oil. I then dried my hair roughly until it was about 85% dry.

First, I attached a nozzle to my hair dryer and started by drying the front parts of my hair. I dried my layers front to front, then back, until my hair was completely dry. Letting the hair cool while it’s in the roller is ultimately what allows the style to hold, so while my hair was still warm I rolled the front pieces into the individual hair roller and pinned them down. hair in place with a duck clip.

To dry the rest of my hair, I parted it into three sections: bottom, middle, and top. I started from the bottom, taking a one-inch section and using a round brush while drying and twisting the brush inward toward my head, so I ended up with a flip at the bottom. Then I used a roller and rolled the hair “under” (the same way I twisted the round brush) and pinned it in place using duck tongs. I repeated this until all of my hair was in rollers.

I let the curlers sit for about 15 minutes until my hair cooled completely and felt the style set. Before removing the curlers, I sprayed them with a texturizing spray just to make sure they had that extra hold.

When I removed the curlers I ended up with a smooth, bouncy blowout and straight ’90s hair. Was Jennifer Anniston looking at me in the mirror? No, just me.

Next time around, I think I’ll choose to leave the curlers on for longer and use a texturizing spray before putting on each curler to give my hair a little more grip. I think I’ll also choose to use hairspray to help set the style while my hair is still in the rollers. While I won’t give up my curling iron for good, these velcro rollers have officially earned a top spot in my beauty cabinet.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez