I’m a hair expert this is the terrible tip I always read and what you REALLY should do for shiny locks

HAIR expert Audrey Victoria said she believes every hair care tip she reads on social media, including how bad the chemicals are.

By doing her own research, however, she found that many viral hair tips were in fact inaccurate.


Audrey urged viewers to do their own research instead of believing in social media mythsCredit: @ audreyvictoria_ / Tiktok
She said chemicals, silicones and sulfates can actually be GOOD for your hair.


She said chemicals, silicones and sulfates can actually be GOOD for your hair.Credit: @ audreyvictoria_ / Tiktok

She said: “I believed everything I saw on social media about hair care and then did my own research.”

She then debunked several viral hair myths.

She said, “Silones can protect your hair. Chemicals are not bad. Natural does NOT mean better. Washing your hair is NOT bad. ALL hair is falling out.

Audrey showcased her shiny locks in the video, proving that her methods are clearly working for her.

However, she always insisted that everyone do their own research before deciding on their hair care routine.

The clip racked up 2.1 million views and commentators loved Audrey’s opinion.

“I have naturally smooth, oily hair and I NEED sulfates in my hair care routine !! And silicones work great on my hair! My hair is so healthy, ”said one enthusiastic commentator.

Audrey replied: “Exactly !! It’s really problematic to promote the idea that silicones and sulfates are bad for everyone. They make certain types of hair thrive.

Another viewer wrote, “I’m so sick of the idea that it’s bad for people to wash their hair every day. I have very fine curly hair and my hair looks and feels so well washed everyday.

Some, however, were not impressed with Audrey’s advice.

“Since when are silicones good for your hair? It puts a layer on your hair to make it healthy, but it actually dries it out from the inside, ”one commenter said.

Audrey replied, “Silicones can protect against heat damage! Look for him! “

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