I’m a hairstyling expert, there’s an easy way to wash your locks fast

IF YOU’VE ever had plans for the evening but forgot to properly line up your hair wash days, then you know how hard it is to try to wash your hair fast.

It can make the preparation process, which most of us girls love, much more stressful.


Audrey Victoria shared her Instagram account hack and said it gave her significant volume and shineCredit: audreyvictoriax/Instagram

Luckily, a hair care expert has revealed the nifty hack she learned that will speed up the process while making your hair look amazing.

Audrey Victoria from USA shared a video showing her routine on Instagram which has over 170k views.

She explains that you part the top of your hair from the bottom and tie the bottom in a bun so it doesn’t get in the way.

Then take the top part of the hair, rinse it out and use shampoo on the roots before rinsing it again.

She said to be careful not to get the lower part or the upper lengths wet to speed up the drying time.

Audrey then uses a round barrel hair dryer to dry her hair, and she was super impressed with the results.

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She added, “OMG it’s voluminous, it doesn’t look greasy and the ends are so smooth.”

Not only that, but it cut in half the time it would usually take Audrey to wash and dry her hair.

Audrey warned that by the time you wash your hair properly, the bottom half is quite oily, but that was the hack’s only flaw.

Users agreed it was a great time saver, with one writing, “Yes! I do this all the time!”

“I always do this when I don’t have time to fully wash my hair in the morning and it’s literally a lifesaver.” Another viewer agreed.

A third said: “I always do this, it’s the best hack”

“I’ve been doing this forever when I’m too lazy to wash my whole head, I thought I was weird for it.” A fourth user added.

The trick is to wash only the roots of the upper part of the hair for a fast and fast hair wash.


The trick is to wash only the roots of the upper part of the hair for a fast and fast hair wash.Credit: audreyvictoriax/Instagram

Audrey also explained how to brush her hair properly so that you don’t pull out any more knots.

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