Is your class schedule for fall 2021 Schitt? Here are some suggestions inspired by Schitt’s Creek.


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It’s time to register once again, and this time the Culture Team wants to help you choose your classes with the help of the characters from “Schitt’s Creek”.

Communications (Alexis Rose)

PRL 424: Public relations management and leadership

As CEO of Alexis Rose Communications, Alexis is a leader in the public relations industry, with clients ranging from the Rosebud Motel to her own mother. If you want to have Alexis’ communication skills, take this course on Applying Public Relations Best Practices in Diverse Environments and Becoming a Manager.

COM 427: Social media for communicators

If Alexis had had access to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok during her time in Schitt’s Creek, she would have definitely gone viral. Communication has been key for Alexis to start her business and it will be key for yours too, so why not be fluent.

COM 107: Communications and society

Are you looking for an introduction to the different forms of mass media and their past and present roles in society? Look no further than COM 107. From the roles of the advertising and public relations industry in the public perception of people and issues to the responsibility of journalists to educate the public impartially, if you want to know more on the different forms of media that you and Alexis will encounter, COM 107 will give you a good introduction.

David Rose

Entrepreneurship (David Rose)

EEE 110: Discovering the entrepreneur inside

When David started Rose Apothecary, he hugged the entrepreneur who was in him all the time. You can embrace yours through corporate creativity by taking the EEA 110, which deals with entrepreneurial exploration with creativity and innovation.

EEE 446: Minority and Women’s Entrepreneurship: Race, Gender and Entrepreneurial Opportunity

If you have David’s entrepreneurial drive and a passion for uplifting marginalized communities, this class talks about the impact of race, gender, and ethnicity on the business sector.

EEE 450: Sustainable company

Rose Apothecary is well known around Schitt’s Creek for its natural and high quality beauty products. This course examines the many levels of sustainability in businesses and how organizations can be more environmentally friendly all around.

Johnny rose

Finance (Johnny Rose)

END 256: Principles of finance

Although Johnny Rose lost his entire family fortune – not just his fault – he knew the financial principles to build Rose Video in the first place. If you want to start a business, this introductory finance course is a must have.

FIN 345: Financial management

After a while in Schitt’s Creek, Johnny got bored and needed a new business: Rosebud Motel. No matter what industry you are heading into, understanding how to handle general financial procedures and issues is essential to running a successful business.

END 346: Investments

When the Roses moved to their new home at the motel, their biggest investments included Moira’s wigs and the Rose family portrait. Arguably, the Rose family should have parted ways with the industry of renting physical movies for streaming years ago as well. Give this investment course a chance so that you can make better long-term investment choices than Johnny made before the Roses moved to the cove.

Moira rose

Fashionable (Moira Rose)

DRA 107: Introduction to theater for non-majors

Moira’s lead role in “Birds of Prey” may have been … entertaining … but even the daytime TV star needs a tune-up on her acting skills. For those not into VPA, now is the time to shine on stage.

VOC 110: Voices for non-musical majors

Okay, maybe you don’t like acting and you might not be in Setnor’s Music School, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hone your singing skills in this course. intended for those who love to sing but don’t want to join a full-fledged choir like Moira.

Stevie Budd

Outdoors (Stevie Budd)

PED 289 – Hiking

If you’re like Steevie and love the outdoors more than the average wealthy family who just lost all of their money, then PED 289 may be the country escape you need in your schedule. The course caters to all levels of hiking, whether you just want to escape your motel – er, we mean dorm – or hike the trails for the 100th time.

CRS 347 – Conscious Communication Skills

There is nothing worse than dealing with clients of luxury hotels like the Roses. Like Stevie, sometimes you need to relax. In CRS 347, students learn more about self-talk and anxiety / stress management.

Roland schitt

Politics (Roland Schitt)

PSC 125: Political theory

An aspiring politician? This crash course in political theory may be what you need to be a more competent leader than Roland.

PSC 318: Technology, Policy and Environment

Schitt’s Creek is steeped in tradition thanks to Roland’s reluctance to push the needle, but in this course you will learn how advanced technology is at the center of government and political conflict.

WRT 307: Advanced Writing Studio: Professional writing

Roland probably has a hard time communicating with the citizens of Schitt’s Creek because he did not take this course. Learn to write like a professional, whether you’re an intern or mayor of a run-down city.

Twyla sands

Food Studies / Cooking (Twyla Sands)

FST 102: Food Fights: Contemporary Food Problems

Running a restaurant is difficult. Imagine having boring customers like the Roses. Keeping up with inventory can be tedious and confusing, but Twyla is known for her improvisation at using ingredients, especially her “Surprise-Me-Smoothie”. If you are curious about how food systems work around the world and how food travels from farm to market or to your plate, this is the course for you to start fueling your curiosity.

FST 222: Introduction to Culinary Arts

The name of Twyla’s restaurant is misleading. For being named “Café Tropical”, Chef George prepares a range of cuisines including Mexican and Mediterranean. Intro to Culinary Arts, students have the chance to expand their palettes and practice ingredient identification, sensory evaluation and plate presentation.

FST 304: from farm to fork

While we don’t really know where Twyla gets her supplies for Cafe Tropical, if you want to support neighboring farms and cook with local produce, this course is for you. Students enrolled in FST 304 begin the class with discussions about food systems. They later split into groups and cook dinner together, mostly with produce bought from a nearby farm.

– Illustrations created by Nabeeha Anwar | Illustration editor


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