Kaley Cuoco’s Hair and Makeup Team on The Flight Attendant Season Two Reveals How to Get Cassie’s Look

The stewardess season two immediately sets in motion a new mystery for Cassie Bowden (Emmy nominee Kaley Cuoco) to get tangled up in, but maybe the answer to the question we all want to know is, how to get the sexy haircut Cassie and California-chic make up?

While chunky bangs, long layers, and a messy top knot became a Cassie/Cuoco staple, they were given a slight upgrade in season two, which was by design and a request from Cuoco herself. “I loved her makeup the first season,” said Erin Koplow, head of the makeup department. Charm (who previously oversaw the makeup department for shows like For all mankind and Nashvilleand joined The stewardess in season 2). “I said to Kaley, ‘Okay, I’m ready, we’re going to match it,’ and she said, ‘No, we’re going to make a change.'”

Cuoco in Iceland for The stewardessthe next episodes.

Courtesy of Michael Marcellino

Koplow scoured Pinterest to give Cassie — who’s now sober, lives in Los Angeles by the beach, and works as a CIA agent in addition to her day (and night) job as a flight attendant — a refreshment. “I thought, ‘Can we adopt a softer version of herself?’ Not the signature eyeliner you’d see all the time, but monochromatic and soft [looks], almost like a Californian beauty and truly natural. Nothing was too intense, and that was kind of the biggest change. And Kaley let me run with it. This meant that her everyday look would be really clean, and the eyes would match the cheeks, and the cheeks would match the lips.

As for Cassie’s hair, the bangs are back, but less curtain-like and more piecey. “We wanted to open the [face] a little more so we can see more of Cassie,” hair department head Michael Marcellino (who oversaw your favorites from dead to me for 24) recount Charm. “We cut his bangs every two weeks. [as a result].”