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Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend Alexandra Grant usually keep a low profile in Hollywood, but their rare red carpet appearance at the 2022 MOCA Gala on Saturday had everyone buzzing. It’s always exciting to see Reeves at an event, but it was Grant’s gorgeous gray hair that looked so chic in her formal attire.

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There has long been a stereotype that gray hair makes a woman look older, but that beauty standard has started to be thrown out the window as stars like Andie MacDowell and Sarah Jessica Parker show off their silver roots. The 49-year-old visual artist felt no pressure to conform to a red carpet look, which is what makes her sleek bob paired with her fitted red dress so sophisticated.

In 2019, Grant revealed why she chose to let her hair grow out in its natural color after years of dyeing her hair. She linked to a Newsweek article about a study linking breast cancer to hair dyes and chemical straighteners. Grant added a personal message in the comments: “I went gray prematurely in my early twenties…and dyed my hair every color until I couldn’t tolerate the dye toxicity anymore.” , she wrote. “In my thirties, I let my hair go ‘blonde’…I love and support that every woman can choose how she looks at any age.”

With women in the public eye like Grant, MacDowell and Parker setting the stage for the gray hair trend, it’s a reminder that there’s no need to have a beauty standard. It’s a matter of personal choice – it’s the only standard that should exist.

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