Marijuana and hairdressing discrimination bills to be debated early this week

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – State Representative Candace Newell (D) says she and many women like to wear their hair in a more natural style.

“I just want people to be comfortable in their own skin,” Newell said.

That’s why she filed a bill to end discrimination against certain types of hairstyles.

“The heat, the chemicals that we have to put on our hair just to make it smooth, to make our counterparts comfortable and to be accepted, that’s a lot,” she explained.

A similar bill would ban so-called hairstyle discrimination in the workplace, but Newell’s bill goes even further.

“It doesn’t just stop hair discrimination, it stops it in different places like work, school and social housing,” Newell said.

His bill is due in committee tomorrow, but next Tuesday our attention turns, once again, to marijuana.

“Yeah, so there are three different bills that are all part of the same kind of package to legalize marijuana,” Rep. Richard Nelson (R) said.

Nelson introduced three bills to decriminalize cannabis. The bills have been postponed several times, since leaving committee and coming home.

But he says Tuesday should be the day the bills are finally debated. WAFB political analyst Jim Engster agrees.

“Next year the budget will be very different from this year, we will fight for money and every dollar is precious and marijuana is money,” Engster explained.

Each cannabis bill does something different. One regulates, the other taxes and the third provides licenses for producers. And each bill would be essentially useless without the others passing.

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