MBA Personal Coach’s Guide to Developing Your MBA Goals


If you’ve decided to apply to a business school, chances are you have an idea of ​​what you want to do with your MBA once you graduate. But have you thought about how best to communicate these post-MBA goals to the admissions committee?

Articulating your post-MBA goals is a key part of the application process and can in fact be quite difficult to achieve successfully. Most MBA programs want to know how you plan to improve the world after you graduate and how you will leave your unique mark.

As you begin to think about your MBA goals, Personal MBA Coach encourages you to consider these six crucial tips.

1. Be decisive

No one will force you to stick to what you write in your business school applications. However, you generally need to be decisive when writing about your post-MBA goals. Pick a set of goals and go for it. Applicants should not say that they expect to “discover” themselves in business school or learn more about a given field (although you would be surprised how often this happens).

If you are someone who still has more than one idea in mind, some MBA programs are fine with learning more about your thinking process (the Personal MBA Coach helps our clients navigate on a case-by-case basis) . That said, most business schools want applicants to have solidified their plans before starting their studies.

2. Communicate how you will be unique

Even though your MBA goals are very common, like becoming an investment banker or a management consultant, you want to be sure to communicate how you will leave your unique mark.

For example, you might be considering developing a particular area of ​​expertise in consulting or focusing on a specific industry. Don’t just share the position you hope to achieve. Instead, consider your vision for improving a certain area or business.

3. Stay consistent

Your MBA goals should not vary from application to application, as applicants often lose credibility by tailoring their goals to a particular audience. This is typical as it can be difficult to express genuine passion for MBA career goals that are not genuine.

4. Articulate passion

As mentioned above, a successful MBA career goals essay should communicate a passion for your chosen future field. While you don’t need a lengthy explanation of why you are interested in this profession, the reader should immediately be able to tell that you are excited about this career path.

While there are many ways to manifest such passion, sharing what led you into this area and highlighting current innovations that interest you might be a good approach.

5. Make your MBA goals ambitious, but achievable

As valuable as an MBA degree is, you likely won’t be supervising a department on the first day of your new job. So, it is important to do your research and determine positions that are realistic for you.

Examining job postings from companies in your target industry is a good place to start. Pay close attention to experience requirements, especially if you are considering a career change.

This will help you get a feel for the roles you might be qualified for right out of business school and allow you to articulate the specific position you hope to get after the MBA.

6. Consider a logical career path

Once you’ve identified your achievable role as a starting point, think about your long-term goal. This goal is your chance to be ambitious and demonstrate the impact you will have on your future industry. Your long-term goal should flow logically from your short-term MBA career goals, but not necessarily in an obvious way.

While you don’t need to work your way up the traditional career ladder in your target business (that’s fine if that is your goal as well), the career path you’ve chosen should be clear to the reader. This course should allow you to use the skills you will develop in business school and at the start of your post-MBA career.

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