MiM or MBA? How to decide which program is right for you


If there’s one question you might ask yourself as you begin to decide, it’s: where do I see myself in 10 years? If you intend to be a leader soon and think you have a good background, the MBA could be the quick answer.

However, the situation is much more nuanced, and the MiM is not without its merits of leadership preparation, so let’s take a look.

While there are always exceptions, the IESE MBA tends to attract students who have been exposed to working life for an average of five years. Many applicants view the program as an opportunity for a career change after having gained a few years of business work experience under their belt.

The IESE MBA is an exciting and intense two-year journey. It has international prestige and focuses on general management. There is no doubt that it will transform you and has the potential to open up an incomparable array of new opportunities for you at the top.

You’ll come across hundreds of real-life cases, class discussions to overturn your preconceptions, and campuses across the world. And that’s it before world-class teachers are added to the mix.

The MiM, on the other hand, welcomes those who have no or at most two years of career experience. Like the MBA, it uses the case method. During the program, you will develop analytical skills and knowledge essential for entry-level management roles and for making a positive impact in the workplace.

MiM topics include business analysis, product management in the digital environment, finance, negotiation, and new business creation.

Some practical considerations

Ultimately, it can come down to the practicalities, so here are three potential factors you should be aware of:

AT 89,950 euros the MBA is more than double the cost of the MiM, for which the tuition fees are 37,900.

Then there’s the location: The MBA’s in-person classes were held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, while the capital city of Madrid is the site of the MiM.

You have the option of choosing the duration of the MBA (15 or 19 months), but the MiM requires you to commit to a period of 11 months.

Final thoughts

Whatever program you decide to take, IESE will transform you into a strong leader with a general management toolkit allowing you to drive your career in any direction you choose.

You will be taught by world-class faculty who also train senior managers. And you will have access to an alumni network of over 50,000 in 150 different countries.

IESE will help you strengthen your own personal brand and you will be part of a community dedicated to making a lasting impact on people, business and society.

It’s important to reach out to current students and alumni when making your decision and even beyond. They are an invaluable resource in helping you make the last call and also get you comfortable with the program when it is just starting out.

“Getting off on the right foot at IESE is crucial, and no one knows it better than former MiMs: contact them, ask them about their experience and what would they do differently if they started the program again.” says Federico Marchi, alumnus of MiM 20.

“Personally speaking with IESE students has helped me get to know the school better, understand what to expect from the program and develop a plan for my job search,” he adds.

IESE has teams dedicated to supporting MBA and MiM students throughout the job search process, so there is no distinction to be made. The school has agreements with international companies, participates in job fairs and forums, and advises students on how to best prepare.

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