Pink Hair Dye and Hairstyle Inspiration: See 19 Celebs Who Have Embraced the Color Trend

Shakira experimented with a deep reddish pink.

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And Lady Gaga served us pink lemonade.

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The good news is that the faded dyes mean you can try it for a few days and move on. Or, we can hire our hairstylists to help us create a masterpiece. If you want to try it yourself at home, here are top tips from pro colorist Josh Wood:

1. Condition it

“Use a deep conditioning hair mask before you go color – it really helps with your hair porosity, giving a more even result.”

2. Test a patch

“Always do a patch test (where you put the color behind your ear) and ideally a strand test (where you put the color on your hair) to check that you don’t react to the color. Leave that for 48 hours and try not to get it wet if possible.If you don’t have any adverse reactions, you’re good to go.

3. Put up a barrier

“To prevent the hair color from staining your skin, apply a protective cream around the hairline. These are not included in all at-home coloring kits, so you can use petroleum jelly.”

4. Smart Section

“Use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair beforehand; straight hair means you won’t get any clumps of color or missed spots. Then part your hair into a ‘hot cross bun’ that is- i.e. four sections. Try to keep your sections clean, so you can track which parts have been colored and which have not. Part the hair as you go, using the comb or even from the tip of the colored bottle.

5. Point it

“I recommend using the ‘stippling method’ when applying color. Start by stippling the color in a line along the parting of your section, then push the dots into your roots first for a maximum coverage, being careful not to accidentally rub the color in. Then brush the color into the lengths and finish for the last ten minutes, for a freshly colored salon finish.”

Want a more subtle shade? Try gray hair, or perhaps browse our gallery of blonde or brunette color options.

These are the other celebrities with pink hair…