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As the US House of Representatives prepares to vote in September on a sweeping bipartisan infrastructure bill, a coalition of progressive groups will ensure that Pennsylvania and Appalachian interests are included in the final product. . I call.

so letter Stakeholders representing unions, environmental movements and outstanding government reformers, sent to the Capitol Hill delegation in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, will invest in “maintaining our infrastructure, our families.” Work that asked lawmakers not to give “a unique opportunity” and a cleaner environment for future generations in the Appalachian region. “

For the signatory of the letter, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, NOT. Keystone Research Center, NOT. League of Women Voters, When PennFuture, And the constellation of a racial justice organization based on business owners, communities and faith.

US House of Representatives for Majority Democrats Vote 220-212 Tuesday for approval A $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution calling for a major overhaul of national legislation on health, education and taxation, Journalist Capital Star Washington roller Olson report.

The vote will pave the way for further House action against the previously approved US Senate bill, spending an estimated $ 1,000 billion in taxpayers on road and bridge repairs, broadband internet expansion and replacement of pipelines. low. NOT. The Washington Post reported.

Washington DC – January 21: The United States Capitol is visible at dusk. (Photo courtesy of Win McNamee / Getty Images)

In their letter, the group presented the Senate bill as a “big down payment” for many political goals, including $ 21 billion to clean up abandoned wells, mines and federal superfund sites. I said there is. But there is still work to be done, they added.

“As the debate over fiscal adjustment plans progressed, those who signed the letter were urged to manufacture and innovate, to redevelop abandoned coal-fired power plants and old steel plants, to include community and labor standards and to revitalize. Civilian Conservation Corps It’s written into law, ”the letter said. “These measures will reinvest in communities and economies, create jobs and business opportunities, and reduce pollution to protect public health.”

Supporters have told lawmakers they believe the federal government is “ready.” Appalachian Climate Infrastructure Plan Create great union jobs and build local wealth while laying the foundations for the 21st century economy.

“Infrastructure planning must also recognize that the Appalachians already have a surprising system of union apprenticeship programs to train many of the skills needed to do their jobs. “Hmm,” the letter continued. “To achieve these goals, the infrastructure package must include community and labor standards designed to maximize the benefits of these investments in workers and the health of the community. “

Similar letters were sent to lawmakers in Ohio and West Virginia, supporters said in a statement.

Pennsylvania Capitol. (Capital city star photo by Sarah Ann Hughes)

The legislative committee voted on Tuesday To end the practice known as gerrymandering in prisonPave the way for a modest but meaningful transition from the Pennsylvania countryside to the city, reducing the number of rural representatives and increasing the number of municipal representatives. Stephen caruso There are details.

When Senate Republicans coordinate poll on two recent Pennsylvania elections The audit initiative is currently under review – 10 months after launch – by the board of directors overseeing the election Marley Parish Report.

From outdoor recreation and agriculture to forestry Invasive species wreak havoc in Pennsylvania, state officials and environmental experts testified before legislative bodies on Tuesday. Catherine mirror There are details.

Democrats in the US House of Representatives Tuesday Muscle through a $ 3.5 trillion budget frameworkOvercome a conflict with a handful of centrists who demanded that the House of Representatives first approve a $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by the Senate. American Capital Journalist Laura Olson Have what you need to know (with help from me).

Regular opinions on this morning’s comments page Fletcher McClellan To consider Is Afghanistan President Joe Biden’s Vietnam?.. And if you want your child to keep this year’s class safe, They must wear a mask, writes the leader of Pennsylvania’s largest teachers’ union.

(((Photo Philadelphia Tribune)

Other places.
Vaccination is currently compulsory For 20,000 Philadelphia School District employees Applicant Report.

And the result Lottery of vaccines of the city “Disappointed” Why-FM Report.

In a new federal procedureA former Westmoreland County electorate claims she was fired for no reason, forced to change political parties and “scapegoated” while at work. Post gusset Report.

Senator Mike Regan, R-York, And a group of eight state lawmakers sent a letter to school officials in Pennsylvania. Encourage them to resist mask obligations, PennLive Report.

Charged 30-year-old Bethlehem resident Threatening to stab Asian students at Lehigh University, To say to a woman: “She had no place here. morning call Report.

Thanks to a donation of 5 million dollars, Lancaster County has a new nature reserve, Lancaster Online Report (paywall).

Women in the county of Lucerne Sentenced up to 2 years in prison For deliberately coughing up food at a local supermarket at the start of the pandemic The voice of the citizen Report (paywall).

Conversely, state health officials now say it Allegheny County can implement programs for women, toddlers and children After controversial award of contract to Washington County agency WESA-FM Report.

A group of supporters called the state Increase investments in temporary assistance programs for poor familiesI haven’t seen the bumps in years, City and State of Pennsylvania Report.

Second Republican Participated in the race Trying to leave the seat US Congressman Chrissy Houlahan, District D-6, PA Policy Report.

In decision 6-3, U.S. Supreme Court rejects Biden attempt To finish The Trump eraStay in mexico,’ Politics, Call Report.

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What is happening
Just a pair of today’s events.
9:00 a.m., Uniontown, PA: House State Government Committee
10 a.m., Pennsylvania Media:Housing Consumption Committee

Governor Tom Wolf There is no public timetable today.

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Progressives Propose Appalachian Infrastructure Program Ahead of House Vote | Wednesday morning coffee

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