Salty waves are the trending hairstyle for spring/summer 2022

So how can we master them at home without the actual sea?

“My favorite way to create this look is to first wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo to add body and volume to your hair, then scrunch some mousse or sea salt spray through damp hair and blow it out. air dry for effortless waves,” suggests Dylan. .

“If your hair doesn’t have a natural texture, you can also recreate this look by using curling irons or a curling iron or straighteners to create soft waves before finishing with a texturizing spray to give the waves a more messy and natural look.

We are all for a simple and sexy hairstyle for spring and summer.

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To achieve salty waves, it is essential to invest in a good salt spray. Not only are they the ultimate time-saving product, allowing for a spritz-and-go approach to styling, they also add texture, grip, volume and movement to all hair types.

It’s true, as Dylan pointed out, salt spray works best when applied to humid hair then blow-dried or allowed to air-dry. In this way, it will help you define and define your natural waves as they appear, such as when you bathe in the ocean and then dry yourself in the sun.

When applied to dry hair, it usually takes more product to achieve the same effect, often resulting in accidental overload and a not-so-pleasant crackle.

So if you’re ready to give this method a try, check out our selection of the best sea salt sprays.