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We have been walking the picket line outside Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester for 112 days, but striking nurses are still not happy with the latest proposal from hospital officials.

These nurses are mulling over a new proposal from Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare, which they say is not a serious one.

“While the nurses had hoped it would be a good faith effort to resume negotiations, after reviewing the proposal this clearly was not the case and appears to be another Tenet public relations ploy, unnecessarily prolonging the strike. to avoid the onus of making necessary staff improvements, “the Massachusetts Nurses Association said in a statement.

The proposal is the first made by the hospital since nurses left the table on May 5. Nurses are scheduled to meet with bargaining unit members on Monday to review the proposal and the committee will prepare a counter-proposal to present to management. Tuesday.

Saint Vincent Hospital officials said their offer includes a generous raise, more safety and even cheaper health care for some nurses. Officials also said they will increase staff and limit the number of patients each nurse can take on, which is in line with what nurses have requested.

Monday marked the 106th day of nurses’ strike at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, the second longest strike in state history and the longest nationwide in more than a decade.

Marlena Pellegrino, a longtime nurse at St. Vincent Hospital and co-chair of the local nurses’ bargaining unit, called the proposal “one step forward and two steps back”.

The Massachusetts Nursing Association argued that the proposal does not significantly improve staffing and could actually make matters worse in some cases,

Hospital officials said the offer is more generous than what other nursing industry unions are setting up statewide.


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