Student Senate: new officers sworn in


New officers were sworn in at the Student Senate on Wednesday, and outgoing officers shared their feelings about the past year.

The sworn-in students included Eliza Ivan as president, Elaina Tartal as vice-president and Simar Kalkat as treasurer.

“By soliciting an appointment to this position, each of you has indicated your willingness to serve in student government at Ohio University during the 2021-2022 academic year,” said Jenny Hall-Jones, Councilor in the Senate. “By election, your peers indicated that they accepted your offer to serve and expressed confidence in your ability to serve them.

Other officers were elected to various positions this evening by members of the Senate, all of whom had appointments sponsored by Ivan, Tartal and Kalkat.

Among the students appointed to positions were Celine Freetage as Chief of Staff, Emily Ertle as Director of Public Relations, Hannah Fleming as Chief Justice of the Judicial Panel and Ellen Gill-Franks for a Student Leadership position. in defense of the students.

Several commissioners have also been appointed to the Senate, including Luvina Cooley as Commissioner for LGBTQ + Affairs, Molly Pennington as Commissioner for Government Affairs, Brogan Speraw as Senate Appropriations Commissioner and Megan Handle as Commissioner for Affairs female.

Outgoing officers also took time to reflect on their final year of leadership, including Ian Carter II, Past and Senior President at OU.

“We have come through this chaotic year and have done our best to be the voice of students at Ohio University,” said Carter II.

In addition, two presentations were shared during the meeting regarding the finances of the OU. One was shared by Deborah Shaffer, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer at OU, and the other was shared by the two student advisers.

Shaffer presented the current financial situation in OU to members of the Senate and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected finances.

“You will see the impacts of the pandemic on some of these enrollment projections, and we will continue to assess how students and learners make decisions about continuing education after the pandemic,” Shaffer said.

Eliza Ivan, Treasurer of the Senate, also spoke about recent events in the United States and encouraged students to make their voices heard and speak out against injustices.

“Yesterday Derek Chauvin was convicted on all counts for the murder of George Floyd, but there is still room for change,” said Ivan. “Ma’Khia Bryant was murdered by Columbus cop Nicholas Reardon yesterday. Please work to find out how you can help and how you can learn more. “


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