Tips for beautiful and supple hair

When you want to look your best, flat, limp hair can have you looking for ideas. How can you get that coveted, head-turning bounce? If you’re having trouble getting your hair to retain its body and volume, there are a few things you can do to help. Read on to find out the possible reasons why your hair might look flat and find the perfect hair care routine to add volume and shine!

1. Avoid brushing your teeth too much

To increase hair volume, brush only when necessary. Too much brushing can lead to split ends and brittle hair. This can lead to hair loss. Brushing also distributes the natural oils in our mane, which can make your hair flat. While combing, make sure you are gentle. You can also use your fingers to untangle knots.

2. Wash your hair once in a while

Instead of washing your hair every day, do it two or three times a week. You will get fuller hair at the root if you don’t wash your hair frequently. Make the best use of dry shampoo during this time. Also, when you shampoo, make sure you get one that does not contain sodium laureth sulfate, as these chemicals can lead to scalp irritation and hair loss.

3. Accessorize Right

The secret to making hair bouncy also depends on what you put in your hair. Whenever you buy accessories, be sure to buy hair ties that are not made of rubber or metal. They will pull on your hair and cause it to fall out. Tight hairstyles are also prohibited as they can weaken hair follicles and cause your hair to fall out. Sometimes it’s good and healthy to leave your hair open and let it breathe. Take note of all your fine-haired beauties.

4. Go for layers

The next time you meet your hairdresser, ask him to cut your hair giving you layers. You see, layers give the illusion of fuller hair. Talk to your hairstylist and ask him to give you a cut that will not only compliment your face cut, but also make your hair look fuller than it is.

5. Hairspray like a boss

The best advice for having bouncy hair? HAIRSPRAY! If you’ve never used hairspray before, now is a good time to try using one! When buying one, watch out for words like “thicken” or “volume.” These agents are bound to make fine hair look fuller. Try this Thin To Thick Hairspray from Jason Natural.

6. Be a blow-dryer

The key to having bouncy hair is mastering the art of blow-drying. Always use heat protectant before using styling tools or products on your hair. When blow-drying, be sure to flip your head and use your diffuser to dry your hair faster and fluff it up. Use your brush to lift the roots from the scalp for some volume!

7. Flip your coin

Your hair gets used to your daily parting and lays flat on this side. Give your mane a mini makeover and flip your part to the opposite side for a voluminous lift at the roots. You can even spray it with texture spray if you want it to look even bigger!

8. Ride

A girl with thin hair should have Velcro rollers at hand. Once your hair is dry, use a texturizing spray before putting the front part of your hair in rollers. 3 rolls along the front and on the crown are enough to give your mane a boost. Leave them on for 20 minutes (you can also heat them up with a hair dryer for a minute if you want even more volume) and be amazed by your lush, voluminous locks.

9. Oil them up!

We can’t stress enough the importance of oiling your hair, because there are just too many benefits! Not only does oiling provide your hair with the natural nourishment it desperately needs (along with all the styling and coloring), but it also goes a long way in giving your hair that natural bounce! All you have to do is oil your hair an hour or two before washing it, and you’ll have healthy, bouncy hair in no time!

10. Surprise Beer!

This is one of the most traditional tricks in the books when it comes to giving your hair an instant bounce. Not only does beer add a natural burst of shine to otherwise dull hair, it also gives your hair a natural bounce that’s hard to miss! All you have to do is simply rinse your hair with beer before shampooing, and you’re done! So worry no more about fine-haired ladies, because our simple bouncy hair tricks always have your back!