Use mustard oil for your hair

We all want beautiful and trouble-free hair, which is only possible when our hair is healthy. Regular care with the right products and the right process is very important, especially when we are all so involved in products and styling techniques these days. Almost everyone has some sort of chemical styling in their hair. Hair becomes dry, lifeless and unmanageable with the chemicals we use to style it. Even the best and most expensive products affect our hair. Additionally, our daily care products like shampoos, conditioners, serums are also all chemical based so ultimately everything bothers our hair in one way or another. No product in a bottle is 100% natural and with so much pollution on the outside, it is impossible for us to take care of our hair with only natural products. It is therefore our responsibility to do what is right and not what we like for our hair.

Preconditioning, our hair’s best friend! Yes, it is one thing that keeps all kinds and conditions of hair in shape. The process is easy, natural and is suitable for all hair. It is essentially a question of moisturizing the hair with oil on a daily basis with a specific technique. Preconditioning is not a regular oil massage or hair spa treatment. It is a super efficient home hair care process. It can be done in all seasons and on all hair types.

The preconditioning process:

1. Gently brush your hair so it doesn’t get tangled.

2. Wet it lightly, like spraying water or making a wet brush.

3. Take any base oil of your choice (we recommend mustard), apply gently and well throughout the length of the hair. Avoid the roots, the oil should be applied to the hair and not to the scalp.

4. Let the oil sit on the hair for 10 minutes.

5. Wash with normal shampoo.

Preconditioning should be done daily for best results. It is safe for chemically styled hair (colored, glued, etc.)

Washing your hair every day is as important as taking a bath! If we wash our hair regularly with preconditioning, our hair becomes naturally healthy and beautiful. It’s good for the child’s hair too. Apparently, if we don’t like oils on the hair, preconditioning can also be done with any normal conditioner or mask. Basically it is about keeping the hair hydrated.

The preconditioning keeps the moisture intact, dilutes the effect of chemicals in shampoos, and of course, makes the hair super soft.

Preconditioning is natural, easy, suitable for all hair types and conditions, plus it’s affordable! We highly recommend preconditioning to keep hair healthy at all times. Precondition for a week and you’ll get hooked, I promise!



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.