VIDEO: Straphanger grabs woman by hair, MTA riders ignore call for help

NEW YORK CITY — A straphanger grabbed a woman by the hair and held her as she called for help from fellow subway riders who filmed the encounter and ignored her pleas, according to online video that has become viral since.

The man shouts obscenities on what appears to be a New York City subway before sitting down, grabbing the woman’s hair and pulling her back into the seat she is trying to leave, the video shows.

“Somebody help me,” the woman articulates as the other passengers look on.

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The man finally stood up, lifting the woman from her seat by her hair. He pulls her to the back of the car before letting her go.

“Just another day on (NYC’s) safest subway, where innocent people are being harassed and assaulted,” wrote Twitter user Joel Fischer, who posted the video.

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As of Saturday, the video had been viewed more than 4.1 million times.

Neither the New York City Police Department nor the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was aware of the incident when Patch requested additional information.

The video surfaced just days after Daniel Enriquez, 48, of Park Slope, was killed when a gunman shot him unprovoked on a Q train crossing the Manhattan Bridge. Andrew Abdullah, 25, faces a murder charge in connection with the shooting.

Asked about the video of the assault, an MTA spokeswoman referred Patch to comments made by MTA President Janno Lieber during a board meeting after Enriquez’s death. The comments refer to Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to put police in subway stations, trains and platforms.

“Let’s not sugarcoat it: people are scared,” Lieber said at the meeting, later adding, “We can’t surrender. We can’t afford to lose New York’s public space. , especially our subways.”

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