What causes hair loss and how to stop it

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, approximately 90 to 100 strands of hair fall out every day. Sometimes his lack of sleep or the overthinking of his moult a little more where we find wisps on our pillowcases or our bed sheets. This is when hair loss becomes evident.

Causes of Hair Loss

Excessive hair loss can occur due to a number of underlying issues such as genetics or heredity. Unmanaged stress, certain salon treatments and hair styling products, scalp infection, hormonal influence PCOS or fibroids, certain thyroid medications, diabetes, cancer treatments, thyroid disorders, metabolism and other health issues. health, certain daily habits often ignored which can be the cause of hair loss.

Prevent hair loss

Yo-Yo Diets, also known as weight cycles, the yo-yo effect occurs when one is caught in a cycle of weight loss and weight gain. It’s basically about losing weight in a short period of time and gaining weight back, then trying other new diets. Short-term diets starve the body, leading to poor nourishment to the scalp, followed by hair loss. Include a diet rich in lean proteins, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and good fats that provide essential B vitamins, amino acids, iron, and zinc that nourish hair and improve scalp circulation.

Heat on unprotected hair

Women love shiny, smooth and spa-smooth hair by excessive heat treatment, without hair protection, damaging the outer hair cover or keratin, thus causing water loss and easy breakage. It’s not worth the shot!

Tying your hair too tight

Constantly pulling your hair back can have serious side effects. The constant tugging and tugging of tight hair styles stresses the hair and damages the hair follicles causing hair loss. Sometimes it can worsen into traction alopecia, a condition where the hair follicle is permanently damaged and cannot grow back. Keep changing your hair styles and when using a pony band, keep it loose.

Conscious in your hair washing routine

The rule of thumb for hair washing: shampoo on the scalp, conditioner on the strands and never use hot water. Use lukewarm or cold water on the scalp which retains moisture in the hair and keeps it turgid and shiny. Avoid excessive shampoos that put your scalp into overdrive to produce more oils to protect, causing more hair loss.


Brush hair only when necessary. Use a detangling spray from the root and work up. Use a wide comb for wet hair and bristles for dry hair.

Get regular cuts

Regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks will remove stunted hairs. Like plants need to be pruned, our hair needs to be cut.

Hair products with sulphates, parabens and alcohol. This may be the reason why your hair is dry and brittle. Alcohol depletes the water content and turgidity of the hair. This can cause hair to break while brushing. Look for natural hair ingredients that are free of alcohol and parabens.


We are all aware of the role stress plays in our lives. The stress hormone cortisol when released in our body causes inflammation and disrupts the hair growth cycle.

Hair loss treatments

PRP hair treatments

Stem cell therapy

Growth Factor Therapy

LED light processing

Hair transplant / FUE.