What is my hair type? Find out here

If you’ve ever wondered “what is my hair type” then you’ve come to the right place. Awareness your strand type is the key to taking good care of it. But figuring out exactly what type of hair you have can sometimes be more confusing than necessary. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below we dive into the different hair types so you can know which ones and for all of which you have.

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Types of straight hair

1A Hair

This type of strand launches the straight hair category. One of the less common types of hair, strands tend to be straight and often thin and wispy. Hair gets greasy quite quickly, so it’s important to wash your hair regularly. Volume is often something that you lack, so volumizing products will be your BFF. However, you will need to make sure that you don’t use too much product as it can have the opposite effect and weigh down your hair. Learn all about your 1A hair here!

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1B Hair

This type of straight strand looks a bit like the middle child. Your hair is still quite straight, although it has more volume and body than 1A hair. You can even have super straight strands until you get to the ends, which can sometimes be flipped. Flyer strands, tangles, and frizz tend to be big issues for you, although your hair is relatively easy to comb. Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Your 1B Hair Here!

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1C Hair

1C hair complements straight hair types. Although it is still straight, it tends to have a bit of wave below. It is by no means wavy hair, although there is a loose wave pattern going on. Your hair is a bit coarse and needs a bit of extra TLC to make sure it does what you want it to. To know how to take care of it properly, read this 1C hair guide!

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Types of wavy hair

2A Hair

Starting with the wavy braids we have 2A hair. There is a soft S formation in the waves so they are not very prominent although you can tell your hair is wavy. Often times, your strands will be straighter at the root and gradually become more wavy as you move down the follicle. Styling is pretty easy, but your hair can be somewhat flat if you have straighter roots. Learn How To Take Care Of Your 2A Hair Here!

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2B Hair

This type of wavy hair is often what people imagine when they think of wavy braids. You sit perfectly between straight and curly hair with your loose waves. With these blessed waves, it can be difficult to style them. A little extra elbow grease is needed if you want to straighten your locks. Find out how to take care of your wavy hair, the best products and more here!

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Hair 2C

The latest type of wavy hair, 2C hair is often confused with curly hair, but it is not. It’s still wavy. You have a very defined S pattern that starts at the root which is why people often think of your hair as curly. Other types of wavy hair have waves that start lower down on their strands. Learn more about your 2C hair here!

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Types of curly hair

3A Hair

To kickstart curly hair types we have 3A hair. You tend to have loose curls that are about the diameter of a piece of sidewalk chalk. Your curls can look a bit flat at times, since your locks don’t have as much volume. However, this does mean that you don’t have to deal with pesky frizz as much as other types of curly hair. Check Out The Right Hair Care Routine, Hairstyles And More For Your 3A Hair Here!

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3B Hair

You probably have 3B curls if they are perfectly spiraled and the width of a marker or Sharpie. They can dry out quite quickly, which is why you should use moisturizers. The plopping method and the squish to condish method are great ways to define your curls. Find Out Everything There Is To Know About Your 3B Hair Here!

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Hair 3C

3C hair in the shape of an S wave with somewhat tight coils in the shape of a corkscrew and the diameter of a pencil or a straw. So if you can get one or the other through your coils, you probably have this type of loop. Your hair is prone to frizz, so you’ll need to focus on adding moisture to your curls. Learn more about your 3C hair here!

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Types of curly hair

4A Hair

This type of hair begins with the kinky and coiled types of curls. If you fall under these type of curls, you have very tight little curls that are often very long when stretched. Your curls are S-shaped, although they are prone to shrinkage. Being gentle with your coils is key to making them live their best lives. Find Out How To Take Care Of Your 4A Hair Here!

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4B Hair

This type of curls are right in the middle of type 4 curls. While also being kinky and coiled, it has a defined Z-shaped curl pattern. Your curls will appear more curvy than curly because of this. Some with this hair type don’t have a super defined pattern, but their coils are rather soft and fluffy. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about maintaining your 4B hair.

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Hair 4C

We have reached the final hair type. Last but not the least, we have 4C hair. This type of hair is known to lack a distinctive curl pattern. Instead, your curls tend to be coarse and densely packed. You will want to be incredibly gentle with your coils because they are very delicate. Learn how to take care of them the way they need it with our 4C Hair Guide here!

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Have you ever wondered if products created specifically for your hair type actually work? We did, so we asked the experts. Find out if personalized hair care products are worth it HERE!